Electrical Works

We provide complete electrical work from procurement to installation to fit-outs.

Electrical Services

We have successfully delivered many projects all over the Kingdom for both the private sector and the government facilities such as Govt offices, hotels, Bus stations, hospitals & clinics, religious buildings, heritage sites, universities, and governmental buildings.

We are market professionals to undertake a project of any size which includes not only indoor works but also heavy external lines. With a strong team of experienced engineers and technicians, we offer professional expertise in the first, second, and third fix installations, testing, and maintenance services, of electrical systems of various voltage levels.

Services We are Offering

Electrical Wiring

We provide Wiring Services all over the Kingdom. We have a wide range of experience in giving expert service for commercial and residential electrical Wiring. And we always try to offer our best to support you to satisfy your requirements. Our Expert team is enough capable to do all types of wiring including F/UTP (FTP), S/UTP, SF/UTP, etc.


Our Establishment have industry experience to provide all kind of indoor and outdoor lighting installation. Regarding the type of facility whether its a govt building, a mall or a public facility or even a residentail building or compound. We are fully equiped to take any project of lighting installation all over the kingdom.

Electrical Fit outs

When we are taking over a project we make sure that we provide all the necessary services in the field of electric. Electrical fit outs is one of the branch of electric work that needed to be done in the end of the project to mark it complete. And we are proud to say that we finish these jobs beautifully.

Low Current Wiring

Our Establishment equally capable to install the low current wiring while working in high voltage. Low current wiring is much needed part of any facility. Electrical wiring to make low current system works. Such as wiring of data cables and data centers, CCTV cameras, Fire and Security Alarms. As well as traditional and IP phones.

Electrical Grounding

The grounding system is a critical safety feature. In the event of some kind of breakdown in the system, the grounding system provides a path of least resistance that ensures current will flow safely back to the earth itself. It thus reduces the chances that a short circuit can cause a fire or life-threatening shock.

Transmission Lines

We have vast experience to provide support services to transmission line solutions companies. We have all equipment fit to the needs of laying the transmission lines of any length and size. And we have well trained technicians and labors to carry out tasks assigned by any major contractor.
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