Fire Alarm Systems

Reliable Fire Alarm Installation Services For Better Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer comprehensive fire alarm services to customers in the Whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our highly knowledgeable technicians perform all fire alarm services under stringent quality control, from maintenance to emergency fire protection services. We’ll make sure that your fire alarm systems are up to code and meet all of the National Fire Protection requirements and local ordinances.

On top of our installation services, We offer next-level fire alarm maintenance services! Whether it is a small fix or a partial replacement for your system, We have what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently, keeping your property safe when you need it.

Our technicians are highly trained with the latest technology and industry standards. No matter if your fire alarm system is old or new, our team has the experience to handle your needs.

Services We are Offering

Alarm Initiating Devices

The role of the alarm initiating devices in a fire alarm system is to activate the system when a fire occurs. We offer installation and complete testing of initiating devices of all models and brands.

Fire Notification Devices

The role of notification devices in an alarm system is to notify building occupants when a fire is detected. We also offer installation and complete testing of Fire Notification Devices.

Alarm Control Panels

The fire alarm control panel is the central hub of the fire alarm and detection system. As a complete installation package we make sure to install and test all kind of fire alarm control panels.

Primary Power Supply

The primary power supply for your fire alarm system is supplied by your power company. Because we work in all kind of voltages and wiring of all size. We do complete wiring for fire alarm systems.

Backup Power Supply

In the event of a power failure, the fire alarm system still needs to work in order to alert people if a fire occurs. With the installation of main power supply we also install a low voltage backup power supply to the keep alarms working.

Other Components

We install all the components of the fire alarms that fit the needs of your facility. Whether you have a small application or a larger campus, we can design an alarm system for you. In addition, we inspect, service, and repair all the components of your system.
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